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Friday, December 25, 2015

Baa's Transition

This month was difficult and full of sadness, as my paternal grandmother Shardaben Pandya, whom we fondly called "Baa", passed away. She came from India to the United States when I was born. In spite of this terrible loss, I am able to feel thankful for a few things which I keep remembering - for one thing, my grandmother was 95 years old when she passed. Sahar and I brought her a homemade cake (a relatively healthy version!) in the hospital on her most recent birthday this October, and celebrated this incredible milestone. I am also so grateful to have had her supportive and caring presence in my life. I still remember how excited she was to come to my and Sahar's house for the first time, and the beautiful wedding presents she brought us. Finally, on her passing, what stood out was actually the strong bond shared among my family. My sister, cousins and I worked together to create a beautiful ceremony to celebrate times with Baa, including a slideshow documenting times with my grandmother, which we shared with other Indian community members in Maryland this past weekend. Many of my and Sahar's "chosen family" also attended and have been such a source of support during this time. I do wish she would be alive to meet our child, but I am confident her love will continue to shine through from the heavens!

 - Sapna

Friday, December 4, 2015

Visit from Pakistan!

We were thrilled to be able to spend some time with my brother, Saad, who was visiting from Pakistan. Saad brought us some delicious goodies from Karachi. We spent the weekend around town. I took him on a tour of the Capitol, which was very interesting - even though I teach politics, even I learned a thing or two! We also took Saad to a comedy show, where he was able to meet many of our friends. The show was terrific. It featured amateur stand-up comedians and I was so impressed at their courage to perform in front of a live audience! Plus, they were so funny.

We also had a small dinner for him at our place, where Sapna's mother and sister also joined, along with a few of our friends:

I couldn't help thinking about how it would feel to include our child in such a gathering, and how much love they would be surrounded with. ♥

 - Sahar